What is this thing we call 'work'? Is it just the 75,000 hours of paid work that the average Australian worker will do in his or her lifetime? Or does it include unpaid things like study, house duties, ministry, raising children or caring for family? Does your work really matter, or does it depend on what kind of work you do? Should your work define you? Should it be something you're passionate about? How should the gospel affect the work you do and the way you do it? Is your work just a means to an end, or does your work glorify God in and of itself?

And what about the struggles you face in your work - when you don't enjoy the work you do, or you don't like your boss, or you find your workplace and colleagues difficult to be around? How can you glorify God in your work when you hate what you do? 

Come to engage:14 to hear what God says about work.
Duane Olivier and Paul Grimmond will help us think through these questions, looking at God's character as a worker and how his work affects us and looking at what our work is and how we can do it for God's glory.



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