Purity & Sanity in a Sex Crazed World

Young Australian workers live in an over-sexualised culture where there is often confusion, false information and temptation. At engage 13 we will be looking at God's intentions for sex, particularly from 1 Corinthians and Song of Songs. We'll also have guest speakers running optional seminars on singleness, marriage and same sex attraction. With late starts, coffee, hot chocolate and clear mountain air, make sure you register soon.


Justin Moffatt is the senior minister of St Philip's York Street in the CBD of Sydney. He believes that the gospel shapes everything. He loves the intersection between Jesus and people, as well as workers and cities. Justin lived in Manhattan for three years, and he caught the city bug there.  Wife: Laurel. Kids: three. Lives: above Wynyard Station. He wakes up every morning to the rumble of buses, and thinks it's profoundly special that the Song of Songs is in the Bible.


Matt Fuller ministers to young workers at Christ Church Mayfair in West London, both at the church and in mid-week city groups. He's married with one natural child and another who the family fosters.  He has contributed to several books and is currently writing a book for workers on managing the time pressures of work, family and church.  Matt will tell you that before working as a pastor, he taught history and politics at secondary schools. What Matt admits more slowly is that this was after failing as a chef, a soldier and even three days on the catwalk. He loves the gritty practicality of 1 Corinthians. 


At engage we think you’re pretty good at managing your own time. So you will find heaps of spare time in our program. Time for you to spend talking and thinking. Time for you to have a coffee with friends. Time for you to soak up and enjoy the mountains.

Doors open approximately 30 minutes before sessions. Coffee carts and the bookshop will be open before and after sessions.

Optional Seminars


God, science and same-sex attraction—led by Steve Morrison

So you're a Christian. How do you talk to your friends and family about the issue of same-sex attraction (SSA)? What does the Bible say about it? What does science tell us? In this seminar we'll look at what science is telling us about SSA, and how the Bible makes sense of that. We'll also look at problems with the word 'gay', the damage caused by homophobia, how the category of 'temptation' is helpful, how God loves those who are struggling, and how churches should respond to this issue.

Steve Morrison is chairman of the Engage Committee and associate minister at St Mark's Anglican, Freshwater. He has degrees in mathematics and theology, and once upon a time was a professional musician. Steve is currently in the middle of writing a book about same-sex attraction. 

3pm - 4pm (choose one from the following three)

During this second time slot, we'll discuss some of the particular challenges facing Christians who want to be pure and sane in a sex-crazed world. Simply head to the seminar that reflects your current situation in life.

Purity & sanity for single men—led by Luke Tattersall

Luke Tattersall is the senior minister at Campbell Street Presbyterian Church in Balmain. It's been quite some time since Luke was single, but he's been teaching the Bible for many years to people from all walks of life. He has a knack for being kind yet blunt, and isn't afraid to say what needs to be said. He particularly likes surfing and watching the Wallabies win.

Purity & sanity for single women—led by Emma Thornett

Emma Thornett became a Christian in England in a Baptist church run by Americans, and is now part of an Anglican church in Sydney's east. She is regularly amazed by God's grace, and hates the lies that Satan feeds us about singleness and sex. She also hates mornings.

Purity & sanity for the married (and soon to be married)—led by Jeff and Carmelina Read

Jeff and Carmelina Read have served together at Chatswood Presbyterian Church since 1999. They've been married for 20 years, and are grateful for the four children God has given them. They're both passionate about teaching the Bible and following Jesus no matter what. They also really love eating and sleeping, in that order. Carmelina likes running but Jeff only likes dreaming about it. They'll help us explore how we can have a holy sex life - real sex in a fantasy world.


Standard Ticket | $145

Evening session only | $30 
Saturday day only | $75 
Morning session only | $50 


Cancellations, transfers and refunds for registration and accommodation
kcc incurs costs if bookings are cancelled or transferred, which impacts on our ministry. Therefore cancellations and transfers must be advised in writing to the kcc office. All accommodation and registration cancellations and transfers attract an administrative fee of $20 per registration (to a maximum of $50). After 26 July 2013 all acommodation and registration fees are non-refundable.


Mountain Camp | $80pp / weekend                                                                                                                                     Wk #1 STILL AVAILABLE | Wk #2 STILL AVAILABLE
Dormitory style rooms | Includes all meals from Friday supper to Sunday lunch (inclusive).

Hartley | $90pp / weekend                                                                                                                                                                  Wk #1 SOLD OUT | Wk #2 LIMITED SPOTS ONLY
Ensuite rooms | Includes all meals from Friday supper to Sunday lunch (inclusive).

Kedumba | $64pp / weekend                                                                                                                                                                         Wk #1 STILL AVAILABLE | Wk #2 SOLD OUT 
YHA style domitory rooms | Includes the bed/room only. The kitchen will be available for the self-preparation of all meals (much like in a YHA Hostel).

Camping | $20pp powered | $15pp unpowered / weekend                                                                           Wk #1 STILL AVAILABLE | Wk #2 STILL AVAILABLE
Allocated space in the camping grounds only. BBQ facilities and toilets will be available. 


The kcc site is located on the corner of Cliff Dr and Violet St, Katoomba, approximately 100km west of the Sydney Central Business District.

All vehicles (unless staying in the kcc conference centres) need to be parked on Clairvaux Oval, directly opposite Scenic World. Parking attendants will direct you upon arrival.

Access to the mountain camp, kedumba conference centre and the lodge are via driveways off Cliff Dr.

Access to the hartley conference centre is via Ficus St.

We encourage car pooling for convention delegates and recommend arriving at the site 45 minutes prior to session starting times.

Contact information

Please feel free to contact us with questions and comments about the conference:

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E | engage@kcc.org.au
P | PO BOX 156, Burwood NSW 1805

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